Goodbye Waste!

The educational scenario “Goodbye Waste!” was produced within the framework of the European Project «Promoting Zero Waste» (ZeroWastePro1CAP-MED12-35).

The scenario is based on the zero waste theory, which is minimum or zero waste production and is complemented by zero waste practices, which can help achieve it. Pupils become aware of concepts such as prevention, reuse, composting and recycling, as they get to know more about the actions connected to the above methods of waste management. In this scenario certain activities are included, where the use of computer and interactive board are necessary, so that pupils become familiar with their use and assimilate more easily new information, due to the provided audiovisual material. Moreover, this educational script may become a “life lesson” for them, because of its experiential nature, developing a deeper ecological consciousness during the process.

Zero Waste Pro aims to the promotion of zero waste production through the dissemination of deliverables, created within the framework of European projects. Within the Project, certain tools are developed and selected practices are suggested by the work team, as the most efficient to apply in each field of activity.



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